A paralyzed woman watched her husband sneak into the garage every night.

Brad and Liz had everything they could want, and even before they got married they knew their life together would be wonderful.

They had the same dreams, the same principles, and the same goals in life.

Unfortunately, three months before they stepped on the altar, something happened that would change their lives forever.

Brad and Liz were with their 3 sons in the car when the front left tire exploded.

They lost control of the car, and it veered off the road and overturned.

Fortunately, the three children escaped with only a few scratches, and Brad with a broken leg. For Liz, on the other hand, the situation was devastating: she broke her back and was paralyzed from the waist down.

Brad, who was a war veteran, had seen terrible accidents before, but he was not prepared to see his own wife so badly injured.

For Liz, a strong woman, the transition to her new life in a wheelchair was extremely difficult, especially because one of the family’s great passions was to go hiking.

Brad didn’t want her to feel left behind and not be able to follow her passion, so he devised a plan to help her explore the most rugged terrain again.

For three months he locked himself in the garage, tried and failed, but in the end, his perseverance paid off.

He built a tank-like cart that could go on any terrain.

Finally, Liz entered the garage and saw the big surprise her husband had prepared for her.

She was extremely excited and impressed.

After seeing how useful this tank seat is for his wife, Brad began making these machines for the wounded soldiers on the battlefield!

What a man with a big soul! His story deserves everyone to know. It costs you nothing to pass on this example of love!


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