A Massive Alligator Breaks State Record in Mississippi

A jaw-dropping event unfolded on the Yazoo River in Mississippi over the weekend. A group of skilled hunters came face to face with an enormous alligator and embarked on an epic battle to secure their legendary catch. What they didn’t know was that they were about to make history by capturing the largest alligator ever found in the entire state!

This incredible predator shattered the previous record that had held strong for the past six years, weighing a mind-boggling 802.5lbs and measuring an impressive 14ft 3ins in length. Can you believe it? It’s almost like something straight out of a movie! The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks even estimated that the circumference of its belly alone was a remarkable 66 inches, with a tail thickness of 46.5 inches. Talk about an absolute giant!

To commemorate this remarkable feat, the Mississippi Department of Wildlife took to their official Facebook page to share a picture of the record-breaking capture. They couldn’t help but heap praise on the hunters for their extraordinary accomplishment. Let’s give a big round of applause to Don Woods from Madison, Will Thomas from Oxford, and Tanner White from Flora, who formed the triumphant team behind this extraordinary feat. Unfortunately, Joey Clark from Jackson couldn’t be pictured, but he surely played a significant role in the adventure.

News of this massive catch quickly spread online, leaving people astounded by the sheer size of the alligator. Comments poured in, with one person exclaiming, “Wow, that’s a monster!” Another commenter, clearly impressed by Mississippi’s ability to produce such colossal creatures, said, “OMG…those are some gigantic beasts! Mississippi, you never cease to amaze with your amazing catches.”

Don Woods, one of the hunters, spoke to the Mirror about the intense battle it took to capture this incredible gator. He shared, “We hooked him eight or nine times, and he kept breaking off. He would sit down, get up, and even try to escape. It’s crazy, he was actually pretty smart! The bizarre thing is that he stayed around.” This just adds to the incredible nature of their achievement and showcases the strength and cunning of this truly extraordinary creature.

We want to emphasize that alligator hunting has been legal in Mississippi for the past 18 years. The state’s efforts to maintain a stable alligator population have resulted in a well-regulated hunting season, which requires a unique permit. Only 920 of these permits are available to the public each year, ensuring a controlled and sustainable approach to alligator hunting.

This astounding record-breaking capture serves as a testament to the unique and vibrant wildlife that can be found in Mississippi’s waters. It highlights the thrill of the hunt and the unwavering determination of these skilled hunters. Once again, let’s extend our heartiest congratulations to Don Woods, Will Thomas, Tanner White, and the entire team for their unforgettable achievement! You’ve truly left a mark on Mississippi’s history!


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