A Love Rekindled

Sally and Richard had a love story that many envied. They were happily married, deeply in love, and couldn’t imagine their lives without each other. They tied the knot at the young age of 26, after two beautiful years of dating.

But one unfortunate day, Richard vanished without a trace, leaving Sally devastated. As an orphan with no known family, finding him seemed like an impossible task. Sally tirelessly searched for Richard for many years, never losing hope and always waiting for his return.

During this time, other men approached Sally, hoping to win her heart. However, she had eyes only for her missing husband. While her friends encouraged her to move on and give someone else a chance, there was one loyal friend, Jake, who stood by her side, offering his unwavering support.

Sally decided to channel her energy into her engineering career, and she excelled. Her job took her to various parts of the country, and on one particular Sunday, she attended a local church service during her trip.

As Sally walked towards the exit after the service, a familiar voice stopped her in her tracks. When she turned around, there he was – Richard. It was as if time had stood still. Richard, too, noticed Sally and seemed just as surprised as she was.

“Are you okay, honey? Shall we go?” a woman standing next to Richard asked.

“Yeah, you go ahead. I just want to say hi to Mr. Jenkins,” Richard replied, his words filled with emotion.

With his companion gone, Richard approached Sally and whispered, “Let’s meet at Tom’s Cafe on River Street in an hour. I owe you an explanation.”

An hour later, at the agreed-upon location, Richard began to speak. He opened up about his past, confessing that he had a high school sweetheart named Megan whom he had never truly let go of. After seven years together, they decided to end their relationship. Richard thought that marrying Sally would help him move on, but he soon realized that his heart still belonged to Megan.

Sally was shocked to hear this revelation. “You mean to tell me that all these years I’ve been waiting for you, you’ve still been in love with someone else?” she exclaimed.

Richard, filled with remorse, responded, “Yes, Sally. I’m truly sorry.”

Feeling a mix of emotions, Sally went home and called Jake. She invited him to dinner, unsure of what the future held for her and Richard.

What do you think? Shall we give love another chance? Let us know.


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