A hand outstretched too late is no different than one held in a pocket

“Better late than never,” says an old saying. Of course, it is better to reach a certain destination safely, even if it means a delay of a few hours, it is better to finish a project a few hours after the deadline than to leave it ruined forever. However, in some cases, that “later” may be too late.


“Later” can become “too late” when we are put in a position to help someone: either it is a friend at a standstill, or it is someone we see for the first time. If we have the power to do something good for that person, why think about it? Most of the time, these little favors that are asked of us are not enormous, but only bother us a little because they take us out of our comfort zone. What are the reasons we refuse? Most of the time laziness … or the fear of not receiving back various objects or amounts of money (because most of the time we are asked for loans or small services that we can do). Are they really plausible now that we think better?


At the risk of sounding like an advertisement, there are a few things we can do that really change the world for the better. If a friend asks you to take him home, but this means bypassing the road you have to take, make a small sacrifice, even if you are tired, and leave him where he asks you to. He needs you at that moment, not in 2 weeks, when you will have more desire to drive. Break some of your time and help! It doesn’t cost you anything. The same goes for asking you to help him carry or mount various (I only gave these examples because they are very common, but the possibilities are endless).


When asked for money, give it to him if you can afford it! But here’s a little clarification: When we borrow money, we have to do it as if it would never come back. So get rid of sums that you will never regret. It may not be the case and you will get the full amount back, but with this way of thinking you will help both yourself and the person with problems enormously. If you “give” reluctantly or out of obligation, you better abstain, because that negativity that you will send will not help anyone. Never give up to get something in return later! What is good is well done and you do not need the “reward” obtained through blackmail!


What we need to do is help! It doesn’t matter if it’s just small gestures or hard work, as long as we do it from the heart. Help, if not given on time, is in vain … Later no one will need your services … and why would you regret not doing something at the right time … because you didn’t feel like it? or were you lazy? Let’s try to do good for others if we can!


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