A Cosy Home For Grandma: The Family Turned Their Garage Into a Nice Home!

Transforming an unused garage into a cozy, welcoming living space can be an ingenious way to accommodate family members, especially loved ones who need to be close. This is exactly what Martin Brown from Portland, Oregon, decided to do for his mother-in-law. Instead of buying a new house or finding alternative living arrangements, Martin turned his garage into a charming little home, called an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU).

The newly transformed ADU allows Martin’s mother-in-law to stay nearby and cherish precious moments with her grandson. This clever makeover retains the essence of the garage while offering modern amenities. The space, although compact, has been thoughtfully designed to include all essential rooms and features.

The unit boasts a comfortable sofa bed for lounging or guests, a toasty fireplace for those chilly winter nights, a well-equipped kitchen perfect for meal prepping, a loft bedroom uniquely fitted with a skylight to welcome natural light, and a compact but practical bathroom. This comprehensive setup ensures comfort and functionality in a relatively small space.

A key design objective was to maintain a sense of openness and light. Utilizing a glass door and several skylights allows sunlight to flood in, creating a bright and airy atmosphere. Additionally, the design emphasizes a blend of the old and the new, retaining charming elements of the original 1920s garage, such as the sturdy concrete floor and vintage fittings, which lend a rustic, nostalgic feel to the modernized space.

What’s remarkable is how this creative space caters to the living needs of one person without feeling cramped or confined. It stands as a warm and functional living area, proving that a little ingenuity can provide a beautiful solution to family accommodation challenges. Martin’s innovative approach ensures his mother-in-law has her own cozy retreat while staying connected with the family.

This endeavor not only showcases a unique way to repurpose unused spaces but also emphasizes the importance of keeping family close. By turning a simple garage into a delightful and cozy home, Martin has set a heartwarming example of how simple alterations can enhance quality of life and family connectivity. The ADU truly stands as an inspiring and practical solution for keeping loved ones near in a delightful, independent living space.


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