93-Year-Old Australian Billionaire With a Fortune Of $19 Billion Got Married For The Fifth Time: Rare Wedding Photos Of The Couple!

What’s the secret to eternal youth? Well, according to our 93-year-old Australian billionaire groom, it might just be marrying a 67-year-old bride in trainers! Yes, you read that right—this lively pair has set the internet abuzz with their nuptials.

So, who is this dashing groom? None other than a billionaire with a hefty fortune of $19 billion, who has just got hitched for the fifth time. His new bride, Elena, hails from Russia and adds a fascinating twist to the story: she was once the mother-in-law of Roman Abramovich. Talk about a small world!

The couple’s wedding photos have set social media on fire, racking up thousands of likes quicker than you can say ‘I do.’ The internet, as always, had a lot to say, with comments ranging from delighted admiration to cheeky skepticism. One commenter quipped, “Phew, we made it! I was worried the groom wouldn’t live to see it,” while another mused, “The main thing is that they are happy together.”

Some couldn’t help but ponder the practicalities, suggesting, “With his money, he could have hired a carer.” Others, however, celebrated the couple’s zest for life with comments like, “I like the European attitude. They want to live at any age, regardless of circumstances or health.”

But let’s not forget the romantics out there who saw the beauty of it all. “Money works wonders,” one enthused, while another remarked, “He’s got a taste for life. Many 30-year-olds are deprived of this privilege.” And who could argue with sentiments like, “May he live happily ever after,” and “He prolonged his life, and she shortened it”?

This unconventional love story has certainly given us all something to think about. So, what’s your take on it? Feel free to share your thoughts!


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