8 ‘Old’ Cooking Tricks People Over 50 Can’t Live Without—Number 5 Will Blow Your Mind!

Hello dear reader! Mary here, your friendly neighborhood cook and seasoned life enthusiast, here to sprinkle a little sage wisdom on your day. Now, I know what you might be thinking: ‘Old cooking tricks? Nonsense! What could possibly be so earth-shattering about dusty old recipes and methods?’ Well, let me tell you, friends, these tried-and-true techniques have stood the test of time for a reason. So keep that skepticism brewing on low simmer and journey with me through these culinary secrets—who knows, you might just find yourself a convert by the end!

Grandma’s Curing Salt

Ah, the magical curing salt my grandmother swore by. Imagine the most succulent, flavorful piece of meat you’ve ever tasted. How did they do it, you ask? Well, grans didn’t have time for chemical preservatives. Nope, instead, they used good ol’ curing salt. A mixture of salt and a wee bit of sugar, rubbed lovingly into your meat, then left to work its charm. And voila, you’ve got a flavor that’ll make those store-bought deli meats hang their heads in shame.

The Cast Iron Skillet

Alright, folks, there’s a special place in my heart for the cast iron skillet. If you haven’t cooked bacon or fried chicken in one of these, can you even call yourself a true American? This kitchen heavyweight not only sears your food to perfection but also packs a punch in the flavor department. Plus, it’s a fantastic arm workout (bonus!). It may be heavy, but this beast of a pan will serve you and all your culinary whims through thick and thin.

Butter is Better

Let me just say it loud and clear for the people in the back: butter. is. better. Those woke kids with their avocado this and coconut that have no idea what they’re missing. Real butter has an unmatched creaminess and flavor that just can’t be beat. Spread it, fry with it, bake with it; let’s bring back butter’s rightful place on the kitchen pedestal. And believe me, your taste buds will thank you.

A Dash of Vinegar

Before you wrinkle your nose, hear me out. A little splash of vinegar can elevate your dishes from ‘meh’ to ‘magnificent!’ There’s nothing like a touch of acidity to bring out flavors and add a surprising zing. Whether it’s a warm potato salad or a hearty stew, that little bottle of vinegar can transform the ordinary to extraordinary. Just don’t go getting vinegar-crazy, a dash will do!

Number 5 Will Blow Your Mind: The Baking Soda Secret

Prepare to have your socks knocked clean off! You’ve heard of using baking soda to keep your fridge fresh, but did you know it’s a top-notch meat tenderizer too? Yep, you heard it right. Sprinkle a bit of this humble, unsung hero on your meat, let it sit for a while, and cook it up. You’ll be amazed at the tenderness, and the taste will have folks asking for your secret recipe.

Lard: The Unsung Hero

Back in the day, you’d find a canister of lard in just about every kitchen worth its salt. These days, the world has forgotten about this culinary treasure, but not you! Not if I have anything to say about it. Lard yields gloriously flaky pie crusts, extra crispy fried chicken, and taste-bud-tingling biscuits. It’s high time to let lard out of the pantry and onto your plate. Just like the good Lord intended!

Homemade Stock

Oh, the nectar of the gods. Before boxed broth became a thing, making stock at home was just an everyday part of life. Save those chicken bones, veggie scraps, and simmer them with a bit of salt and love. Trust me, no store-bought stock can compare with the rich, hearty, soul-warming goodness of homemade. It’s liquid gold, my friends!

Salt—Not Just for Seasoning

Sure, we all know salt gives our food that much needed punch. But did you know it can also keep things from sticking? Sprinkle a bit in that cast iron skillet before cooking to prevent food from sticking. And give that garden a helping hand; a bit of salt around your tomato plants helps keep the garden pests at bay. Multipurpose and indispensable—a cook’s best budget-friendly friend!

There you have it, my culinary co-adventurers—some age-old tricks that I guarantee will breathe new life into your kitchen escapades. Sprinkle them with love and offset any skepticism with a dash of trust. After all, these aren’t just cooking tips; they’re little legacy footnotes preserved through lifetimes of trial and delicious error. Until next time, may your butter be real, your skillet be heavy, and may your table always be blessed with plenty and good company!

Signing off with love and a soupçon of humor,



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