6 Things Narcissists Do To Be The Center Of Attention

Narcissists are known for being self-absorbed, and their need for attention is always evident. They don’t just exhibit toxic, manipulative behaviors; they also thrive on being the center of attention, no matter where they are.

Seeking the spotlight is a way for them to assert their superiority over others and eventually gain control over other people’s lives.

They don’t earn this attention naturally; instead, they engage in numerous behaviors to ensure they are the focal point. To help you understand this better, here are the top strange things narcissists do to stay in the limelight.

1. They exaggerate their accomplishments.

Narcissists often view themselves in an overly grand light. Even the more vulnerable narcissists are likely to exaggerate their accomplishments because they crave attention and admiration. While at first, you might not notice, over time, their house of cards becomes apparent as they continuously build themselves up.

2. They dominate conversations.

Narcissists tend to dominate conversations. They can talk about themselves endlessly, day in and day out, without taking a break. If someone else starts talking about themselves, the narcissist will interrupt and steer the conversation back to themselves.

3. They play the victim.

Narcissists often try to position themselves as victims to shift the blame onto others. By acting as victims, they also garner sympathy and earn the trust of others, which helps them cover up their lies and malicious intentions.

4. They manufacture tragedies.

If there are no real tragedies around them, narcissists will make one up. Often, narcissistic personality disorder overlaps with conditions like Munchausen Syndrome, where they might fake illnesses to gain attention, notoriety, and sympathy.

5. They tell outright lies.

Narcissists are also known for outright lying to attract attention. Many narcissists are pathological liars, so creating elaborate lies to draw attention from friends and family is not unusual for them.

6. They create drama.

When there are no lies to tell and things around the narcissist are relatively calm, watch out. Narcissists can’t stand tranquility. They prefer constant chaos and drama and are likely to stir up trouble when things are peaceful.


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