6 Things A Woman Is Always Jealous Of But Will Never Say To Her Man

Dear men, while you are in a relationship with a girl, make sure she never goes through the following situations and feels jealous. But just between us, here’s a list of things that are sure to spark that green-eyed monster. Who knew playing it cool could be so intricate?

1. Replying to a girl’s text when you are out with her

Imagine this: you’re on a delightful date with your woman and suddenly, ding! A text message from another girl—perhaps a friend or colleague—pops up. Do yourself a favor and avoid the urge to respond, and especially avoid smiling at your phone. Trust me, your girl would appreciate your full attention and not want to battle the phantom competition flashing on your screen.

2. Your bonding with other females

Ah, the tricky terrain of female friendships. While you may think it’s harmless to chat about the special bond you share with another girl, even if your girlfriend is the epitome of cool and collected, she’ll feel the twinge of jealousy. Whether it’s helping out the ‘really hot’ girl at your office or just gushing about a gal pal, it’s a minefield. It’s all about balance and reassurance, gentlemen.

3. Too much of ex

Let’s be honest—keeping in touch with exes can be a touchy subject. Spending an inordinate amount of time chatting or hanging out with an ex will definitely make your current flame see red. It’s not just about maintaining boundaries; it’s about prioritizing her feelings and maintaining peace in the relationship.

4. Overly social over social media

Now, we all get a bit carried away on social media, don’t we? But when those likes and comments start looking a bit too friendly, that’s where trouble brews. If your social engagements start looking like flirty escapades, your woman might start questioning the security of your relationship. So, maybe double-tap with caution?

5. Mentioning that another girl is hot

Here’s a pro-tip: if you value peace, avoid commenting on another woman’s attractiveness in front of your lady. Especially if she’s been juggling a busy schedule that keeps her away from the gym. Highlighting another’s assets when she might be feeling a bit vulnerable isn’t doing anyone any favors. Keep those observations to yourself.

6. Defending another woman

Chivalry isn’t dead, but there’s a delicate balance to strike. It’s fantastic that you stand up for women—after all, we love a gentleman. But if your lady starts feeling like she’s not at the top of your priority list, your chivalrous intentions might get misinterpreted as betrayal. Always make her feel like she’s your number one.

“Jealousy makes dating competitive, do not mess up”

So there you have it, folks. Navigating the minefield of jealousy may seem daunting, but with a bit of mindfulness, you can ensure your relationship stays drama-free. Remember, a little reassurance goes a long way, and prioritizing your woman’s feelings can save you from a world of silent treatments and side-eye. Stay savvy, and happy dating!


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