5 Female Weaknesses That Men Especially Appreciate

1. When we ask them for help

Life has taught women to be strong and bear any burden, be it physical or emotional. Often times, next to a woman who can handle everything on her own, a man feels like an unnecessary appendage. Only when a man feels needed, he will be happy, content, and proud. For him, this is vitally necessary – to be asked to help.

2. When we are naive

It does not matter how old the “girl” is; it is important that the man next to her feels like an “adult”. This means that he is ready to take responsibility for both her and their relationship. In the eyes of a man, a naive woman is a little girl who needs to be protected from the harsh and cruel world and bad people.

3. When we show spontaneity

Over time, perfect women become very boring. When a man knows in advance what they will say and how they will act, his interest wanes. Men are attracted to ladies who are capable of unpredictable and spontaneous actions. They are often seen as a little “goofy”, but the truth is that this is exactly what draws men to them like a magnet.

4. When we laugh

The constant willingness to smile and the ability to laugh from the heart signal to a man your openness, sincerity, and love for life. All men like cheerful women who have a good sense of humor and can joke kindly, appreciating the wit of their partner as well.

5. When we are moderate and live our lives with pleasure

Men adore ladies who know how to live without fuss. Such women do not give up the pleasure of thinking, dreaming, admiring nature, slowly enjoying a fragrant cup of coffee, and sometimes even being too lazy. They know how to be happy here and now. Next to them, men also begin to look at the world in a different way— in a happier way!


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