4 sentences that men use frequently and that women think are too easy

A woman “likes” to be a little naive, to emanate femininity and sensitivity, to be merciful … and so on. It takes a lot of qualities for a woman to be … a woman. Even if we focus on building a pleasant personality, to display a pleasant figure when we leave the house, we should consider another aspect: Girls, we are good to be smart!


Unfortunately, there are some phrases that men whisper gently at the right times that seem to wash our brains. No matter how strong we have been until then, that is the moment when we no longer remember that we also have a brain and that it doesn’t hurt to use it. Here are some of those little-explained “magic” sentences:


1. “I love you! If you love me, then sleep with me!” – Well, it’s not like that at all. Usually, this kind of spectacular statement appears shortly after the relationship begins. My dears, it’s a cheap lie. If you choose to take this step, don’t be surprised that you will be abandoned shortly after committing the act … because this was the purpose of the lover, whom he touched with a lie as big as his insensibility … after which he lost interest.


2. “I’m going to divorce you!” – First of all, shame! It wasn’t your place in their marriage. If you have chosen a relationship (or even an affair) with a married man, do not be surprised that you will only have to lose. If the fact that those two people swore before God that they will stay together for better or worse is not enough for you, don’t be surprised that you might (most likely) be just a momentary relief for him, for a harder period. Besides the fact that he has no excuse, no plausible enough explanation to innocently remove him from this matter, you have no right to be an “accomplice” in such a rupture. Okay, going over this part, you have to keep in mind that a real man will always choose to solve his problems at home rather than stay with his mistress … That’s the way it is in real life … And not in the love story in my head your … And would you really like such a man next to you?


3. “I don’t want to be with you because I don’t want to ruin our friendship” – well, here it is back and forth. This is often not true. Most likely he’s looking for another kind of woman and you don’t meet his requirements … That’s the brutal truth. Even if he cares a lot about you, he probably doesn’t want you to be his girlfriend.


4. “You will not find someone as good as me!” – well, my dear, I do not have to tell you that you should not look for someone to disappoint you. If you come up with something out of the ordinary, then they have to re-think their position. Try to be happy yourself, even if it doesn’t involve the presence of a man. At some point someone BETTER will get in your way.


It is normal to want to be loved, but forcing this feeling through some foolish sacrifices is not a good idea at all. Do not believe the words that are seen from a post office as false. Use your reason, it’s not in vain! The fact that you are in love does not entitle you not to see the truth right under your nose. Take care of yourself, because apart from God and family, there will be few who will really care about what happens to your life.


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