4 Clear Signs a Guy Is Just Playing with Your Feelings

1. He’s Always Sweet with Words

Many guys use sweet words when trying to win over your heart. However, a player has a special knack for making you feel incredibly special, often using words they know you’re vulnerable to. They’ll call you “hun,” “my love,” “my heart-beat,” and so on. They might tell you they can’t live a single day without you, despite having lived just fine before you met. They even claim they’d sacrifice everything just to be with you. Beware of this kind of sweet talk, as it’s often designed to hide their true intentions.

2. He Doesn’t Care About Your Feelings

Notice if he seems indifferent to your feelings. A classic sign is when he flirts with your friends and dismisses your concerns as nothing. If he shows no remorse and always has an excuse ready, it’s clear he’s not genuinely considerate of your emotions.

3. He Always Covers His Tracks

A player often seems perfect when he is with you. He hides his flaws meticulously until he achieves his goals. Be cautious of anyone who seems too pure and innocent, as their sweet smiles might be hiding something.

4. He Doesn’t Give You Quality Attention

If a guy constantly makes excuses for why he can’t spend time with you, he’s likely not making you a priority. Genuine interest involves making time for each other, and if he is always too busy, it might be a sign that he’s playing with your feelings and keeping his options open.


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